Dripping with Delight – Amazing Drip Wedding Cakes

I can’t get enough of the latest trend in cakes – the fabulous drip cake. Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for all things glitter, colour and extravagance, so the naked cake trend didn’t really do it for me. I need icing, and sugarcraft, and colourful exteriors! A drip cake does exactly what it says on the tin – icing or chocolate drips luxuriously down the sides of the cake, and fantastic cake makers around the world have been taking it to the next level with multiple icing colours and an array of incredible edibles on top of the cake. Sprinkles, sweeties, edible glitter, chocolates, lollipops, caramel popcorn, mini donuts, macarons, meringues and more are adorning the tops of these cakes. *DROOL*

drip cakes wedding
Unbirthday Bakery

This is definitely something I’d love for my own wedding, because each one is so unique and vibrant. I’m spending ages on Instagram every day, with each cake even more delectable than the last. While most of these cakes are tall and single tier, there are some out there with two or three tiers which would be suitable for your wedding. You could always have several drip cakes in varying sizes and have them as centerpieces for your dessert table! I’ve collected just a few from around the web to get the tastebuds rolling this morning – enjoy!

drip cakes wedding
Destonation Create
drip cakes wedding
Cakes Decor
drip cakes
Cakes Decor
Mon Cheri Bridal


Hungry yet?

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